The MOLD & ROBOTICS group is the first globally acting industry and technology leader in tool making and automation technology for thin-wall plastic packaging. With an established presence in America and Europe. The Swiss company H. MÜLLER-Fabrique de Moules SA, Conthey, and the two companies CBW Automation, based in Fort Collins, Colorado and DOLLINS Tool, Independence, Missouri, operate under the umbrella of the MOLD & ROBOTICS group.

The global expanding market for thin-wall packaging, relating to food and non-food containers, increases the demand for superior product design, tool making and automation. The intercontinental positioning of MOLD & ROBOTICS group contributes to supporting companies from the food, non-food and medical technology sectors in the development of new packaging for their products.

Through the strategic bundling of the three market leading companies, additional capacities for reduced time-to-market have been developed. Furthermore, the comprehensive presence on multiple continents enables the group to be positioned closer to the customer and to increase the responsiveness through expanded product and service offerings.

H. MÜLLER-Fabrique de Moules SA is a pioneer and leading company in the field of packaging design, mold and automation solutions for injection molded thin-wall packaging with leading edge expertise in IML (In-Mold-Labeling). CBW Automation developed the first automatic system for stacking Cool Whip lids from the injection molding process. Since then, the company has become one of the leading US-manufacturers of robots and automation solutions with focus on injection molding and thermoforming applications in the packaging and the medical sector. DOLLINS Tool supplies the plastics industry as a leading full-service supplier of high-speed, multi-cavity packaging injection molds. Offering a full line of products incorporating advanced technology and precise engineering, as well as a wide-range of support services, DOLLINS Tool provides plastics manufacturing professionals with a single source for highest productivity and efficiency.

Every company of MOLD & ROBOTICS group has influenced the market for thin-wall packaging during the past decades. Through the collective know-how and complementary acquisitions, MOLD & ROBOTICS group will develop to be the globally leading and technologically groundbreaking industrial group in tool making and automation technology.

For the time being, MÜLLER, CBW Automation and DOLLINS Tool will continue to act as separate entities. The gradual integration of the three organisations will happen in a seemless, merging process, without any interference of the familiar high level of service and support for our business partners.

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